So long summer... it's back to school time!

Don't let the triple digit temperatures in Texas fool's back to school time for most kiddos. And that means that moms and dads everywhere will be armed with their cell phones or point and shoot cameras ready to capture their little one's first day back in the classroom. Since that first day back can be hectic enough, I thought I would compile a list of photo ideas and quick tips to help you capture the excitement of going to back to school like a total pro!

Tips & Tricks for Great Pics:

  • Good lighting is key if you are shooting outside. Try to find somewhere that has nice even lighting, but make sure it is not too dark. For example, have your child stand on the edge of the front porch. Make sure that they are in the area that is shaded, but not completely back against the wall or door.
  • Mix it up a little! Don't just have your child pose and smile. Taking some candid shots will help to tell the story of the day, and give your kiddo a break from posing when they are already nervous.
  • Don't forget environmental shots. Remember to capture images of this year's backpack, lunchbox, school bus number, classroom name tag, etc.

Back to School shot list:

  • posing with sign (can include teacher's name, year, grade level, "what I want to be when I grow up")
  • action shots (packing backpack or lunchbox, laying out clothes)
  • obligatory front porch with backpack shot
  • walking to school (take a few steps back to get a lot of the environment in this shot)
  • waiting for school bus
  • child walking down the hallway toward their classroom (this a great chance to show the difference in scale between the large building and your little one...cue tears!)
  • going into the classroom (try taking a step back and getting the actual doorway in the frame. The classroom will be busy inside, and the hallway will appear less hectic, so it will lend more emotion to your image)
  • giving the teacher an apple, or some cute little gift
  • child next to their cubby
  • sitting at their new desk
  • kiddo giving a thumbs up or blowing a kiss
  • don't forget the after school images as well