Special Needs Family Sessions

My Family

I want to share a little story with you. Once upon a time, I was not a photographer. I was an elementary school teacher for 10 years...and I loved it! Then, I became a mama and everything changed for me. Suddenly, documenting the everyday moments and true nature of my babies became my huge passion. The thing is, having two children with autism made professional photo sessions super stressful. I would literally be sick after each session because it was so hard! It seemed that the photographers always gave me images of my children that showed them looking stressed with vacant stares. My heart would drop every time. I couldn't bear to keep spending money on an experience that just stressed my entire family out, and didn't even give me beautiful pictures at the end of it. That's when I decided to begin studying photography and finding a way to capture images of my family that didn't require posing and performing for the camera. After years of honing my craft, I developed my style of photography that focuses more on authenticity, capturing connection, and allowing families to simply be who they are. And here's the thing, it works! When we put aside the "Pinterest" version of how our family is supposed to be and allow ourselves to be captured in an authentic way, it stops being stressful. You get real smiles and real belly laughs. You see a mama who is genuinely enjoying her babies and is not overwhelmed with worry. You see a dad joking around with his children, not concerned with what the photographer thinks. Maybe you are where I was. You are scared to invest in a photo session because you're not sure how your child will respond. Will the photographer understand your child's special needs? Is this whole thing even worth it?

Trust me...I understand. I have been there too.

Here is my promise to you. I will do everything in my power to make the photo session experience as stress free and fun as I can make it. My style of shooting has worked for my family and so many others who have trusted me with their memories. And it can work for you too. You deserve beautiful images of your family. Your children deserve to see their family in pictures in your home. And you deserve to work with someone willing to go the extra mile to provide those images for you.