Happy Adoption Day!!

I have been dying to share this precious family's gallery for weeks! The Barrett family had their session with me a couple of months ago, to capture their first official portraits as a family of FIVE! They are adopting two amazing little boys, so we had to wait until the adoption process was finalized to share the images of their entire family together. Well, today the adoption became final and I am so overjoyed to have been able to capture these portraits for them...what an incredible honor!!

Let me tell you, this family was an absolute blessing to be around! The love and joy that they all shared with one another was unmistakable. The three boys were awesome and did SO great at following instructions and stopping for pictures...not an easy task when there are really big ducks waddling around just begging to be played with haha! After our session, I drove home smiling ear to ear and just feeling so grateful that I am able to serve such wonderful families and play a small part in preserving your memories for you.

Barrett family...I pray God's richest blessings on all of you! I know this is only the beginning of a lifetime of smiles, laughs, and group hugs!