It is always such an incredible honor when a mama asks me to photograph her family, but it is even more humbling when they ask me to capture something so specific and unique that helps to define their family story. Gloria shared with me that her daughter, Gemma was born premature and has had to deal with various health issues in her young life. While Gemma does eat traditional food (like the chicken nuggets she snacked on during our session haha!), she is also tube fed. Gloria asked me to capture this during our session in order to help spread awareness of individuals who require tube feeding as a form of nourishment. As a special needs mama myself, I felt an instant bond with Gloria and her sweet family. There is a quiet strength that comes with doing things daily that most people don't even realize exists. It was such a blessing to see how strong, joyful and vivacious little Gemma is. Gloria even shared that the stuffed bunny that I photographed with Gemma was given to her when she was in the NICU and they document Gemma next to that bunny every year to show just how many odds she has overcome.

Thank you Gloria for allowing me to be a part of sharing your family's story. I am so honored, and can't wait to get you all in front of my camera again soon!