When a beautiful family has the most perfect light...

There are a few questions that I get asked pretty frequently from people, and the Delgado family's session is an answer to several of them!

"What is the big deal about golden hour lighting?"

We shot this session about an hour before sunset, and let me tell you...it made for the most gorgeous portraits! Golden hour lighting gives everything a nice, warm tone and creates a little more drama in images. It's my favorite time of day to shoot sessions.

"What if my children don't want to pose for the camera?"

Perfect!! I don't like a lot of posing in my sessions. Real, authentic interactions with each other is where the magic happens, and when children are allowed to be themselves, that's when we get the real smiles and true personalities in the portraits. If they don't want to sit, that's totally fine! Let them move around and play, and I promise that I will get where I need to be to capture some great shots...plus I get a little extra cardio in for that day...win/win!

"I don't know this area. Where will we take our pictures?

You don't have to know where the best spots for pictures are...I take the guess work out of that for you! Once you book your session, I will consult with you about the type of look you prefer for your session. Then, I will recommend a location that is perfect for you and a session time that is designed for the best possible lighting.

Hopefully that helps answer some of your questions! If you are ready to book with me and capture some timeless memories, let's chat! I am happy to answer any questions that you may have!