It's that time of year again! Summer is winding down and the school year is beginning. You can't help but notice the autumn and even Christmas decorations that are popping up in stores. Then it hits you...we are going to need family pictures soon! You begin asking friends and searching on social media and Google, but how do you know if a photographer is the right fit for your family? Well, I have you covered! I have compiled some questions to ask that will make choosing your next photog a breeze.

Do you like their style of images?

This sounds like a no brainer, but it is super important that you look at the photographer's social media page and website to view their images. Look for consistency in style, lighting, general editing, etc. Are some sessions amazing while others look kind of amateurish? Make sure that you notice the "feel" of the image as well. Does the photographer strictly pose their subjects, or do they prefer a more candid style?

Does the photographer have positive feedback from people you know or on their sites?

I love to read reviews on products and services before committing financially to them. Make sure that the majority of the feedback you are reading/hearing about this photographer is positive. You want to hire someone who is going to make sure that you have a pleasant experience from the booking stage all the way to gallery delivery.

What services/products are included in the fee?

Knowing exactly what is included in the invoice will save you from tons of frustration later on. There are a few types of business models that photographers use when charging clients. One is called In Person Sales (or IPS). This model requires clients to pay an initial session (or "sitting") fee that covers the cost of the actual photography session. Afterwards, the client meets with the photographer to view the completed images and purchase their favorites. Often times, the IPS photographer will only allow purchases of printed images, meaning you select the image and size of portrait you would like, and they act as the vendor to print and deliver your final images. The other method (the one I personally use), is a flat rate that includes both the session fee and gallery delivery of a predetermined amount of digital images, depending on the package selected. You can view my portrait packages and pricing here. Always read the package descriptions, and understand exactly what is included before booking a session.

Are they priced within my budget?

Photography is a very saturated market, so you are guaranteed to find a photographer within your budget! Also, just like most services, you will find some photographers that range from $50 for every single image taken in the entire session, up to those that charge in the thousands. Refer back to earlier in the post to make sure that the photog you are interested in answers all of those questions. That should help narrow it down quite a bit. I will say this though. You've probably heard the saying, "You get what you pay for." Well, it's certainly true. Whoever you choose, make sure that you are investing in a professional that will give you a quality product and stellar customer service. If I happen to be the photog that you'd like to work with, click here and let's get you on my calendar!

What questions would you include on this list? Let me know!