Libby is ONE!!

When Libby's family booked her one year session, I know they were a little worried about how she would do, especially for a sunset session. I mean, let's be honest, all of us mamas worry about how our babies will do on picture day right haha??

Well, they should not have worried one bit, because this little cutie totally rocked her session! She was the happiest baby and gave us a ton of smiles and giggles. Her amazing family joined in on the fun and were standing behind me singing rousing renditions of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song ("hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog" are singing it in your head now too aren't you?? ). Libby's older cousin, Ben, was a huge help in getting lots of giggles from our little model. Ben ran around behind me and made funny noises and faces, and you can tell the birthday girl absolutely adores him!

Libby's mama brought the most precious outfits for Libby's session, complete with matching shoes and headbands! She did so well, that we were able to photograph all three outfits in our hour session. We started off with my set up of simple and rustic baskets filled with assorted flowers and accented with some wooden props to commemorate her big milestone birthday. Then, as the sun began setting, we moved closer to the water, so that I could get that gorgeous sunset glow off of the pond. For that part of the session, we used a blanket that Libby's mom brought that was the perfect accent to her outfits.

Happy birthday sweet girl...come back and see me really soon ok??