Sidalee - Class of 2021

Senior sessions are SO fun! I love the opportunity to chat with my senior before our session to learn more about their interests and the vision they have for their portraits. Sidalee spends her time in both Texas and Montana, so she wanted a natural look that was cohesive between those two places. We decided to shoot at one of my favorite locations when I told her how beautiful the sunsets can be and how many different backgrounds we can get in one place. Sidalee also plays violin and wanted that incorporated into her session. The images of her playing her violin are some of my favorites. There is just something about watching someone do something that they love that is beautiful to see.

Our senior portrait experience was divided between two different outfits. One being fun and dressy, and the other being a classic, all-American girl look. Sidalee rocked them both! I made sure to move us to a completely different side of the property for the last half of the session and you can tell the dramatic difference in the lighting as it began to set. What a fun time we had, full of laughs and chatting about the exciting things to come for her in senior year. Thank you Sidalee for allowing me to capture these memories for you! Have an amazing Senior year sweetie!